About Us

IFT-LLCInternational Fatum Technologies is a company producing  technological equipment and special working solutions designed for cleaning of surfaces from ARWS contamination and removal of radionuclides of the class NORM from surfaces.

We are a modern, fast growing company, whose main aim is the development and application of industrial technologies for cleaning and deactivation of all kinds of deposits and radioactive sediments of the class NORM from inner and outer surfaces of mining equipment.

Our technology is used for industrial cleaning and NORM decontamination in particular for:

  • Oil and gas equipment, pipes, tubulars and oil wells
  • Oil and gas platforms –operational, aging and decommissioned
  • Transportation and storage facilities
  • Others - emergency situations and rare metals related to nuclear power such as titanium, zirconium steel, etc.

Our technologies are specialized in the following types of cleaning and decontamination:

IMG 2707IFT ARWS– designed for removal of carcinogenic agents and for perfect cleaning of surfaces from corrosion, paraffins, mineral deposits and any other sediments

IFT NORM – designed for 100 % decontamination of the surfaces contaminated by radionuclides of the class NORM.

All our technologies are tailor-made according to customer's demands and can be mobile, thus improving the efficiency in operations, production activities, waste management and others while helping save our environment.

Our vision

Our vision is to become the leader in our field worldwide. International Fatum Technologies has a goal to be recognized all around the world by providing our unique patented technology to the relevant global nuclear industries, thus improving the efficiency in operations of exploration and production activities, waste management, and all while helping save our environment. We are believers of hard work, dedication, honesty, integrity and most importantly intellectual growth. Our management, research and scientific teams strive for excellence, quality, and we take pride in everything we do.


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