Special application of IFT Technologies

Cleaning and decontamination of surfaces, which require application of non-standard technological facilities and working procedures, can be included among special applications of our IFT technologies.

IFT-NORM and IFT-ARWS technologies can be for example used in following cases:

  • nuclear vessel decommissioning
  • nuclear power-station
  • refinery
  • storage capacities
  • precious metal
  • fires and environmental disasters


In the case of cleaning and decontamination this would apply for cases when surfaces need to be deactivated as an aftermath of fires and environmental disasters. Surfaces that have undergone fire need to be cleaned from soot and other combustion residuals, such as phosgene-diphosgene and other poisonous carcinogenic and toxic gases that diffuse into the burnt surfaces of buildings or other structures that prevents further use. Our IFT-ARWS technology enables efficient returning the surfaces into usable and health friendly status. In the case of environmental disasters the common issue is the secondary contamination of surfaces, especially of soil as a result of leakages of dangerous substances from damaged storage capacities after earthquakes or floods.


Furthermore, we have developed IFT - NORM that is a special technology that was designed for very narrow and also very dangerous range of applications. There are cases where it is necessary to clean and decontaminate the surfaces affected by technogenic radionuclides, heavy metals such as Cesium, Europium, Plutonium and etc. Interventions need to achieve 100% error-free result with the help of a technological process that allows these extremely dangerous substances not only to remove from the surface but also to safely store at the respective radioactive waste dumps. All these criteria are met by our technology, IFT-NORM, which was previously used not only for interventions in nuclear power plants, but also showed its 100% error free and efficient use in cleaning and decontamination of zirconium containers that are used for transportation and temporary storage of spent nuclear fuel from nuclear submarines and icebreakers.

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