Decontamination of oil and gas rigs

Technology for cleaning of surfaces IFT- ARWS and technology for decontamination of surfaces IFT- NORM allows various applications on floating oil platforms, e.g.:

  • cleaning and decontamination of operational, aging and decommissioned oil platforms
  • cleaning and decontamination of pipeline systems upon dismantling oil platforms
  • regular maintenance of pipeline systems and reservoirs
  • preparation of pipeline systems and other facilities for periodical inspections
  • preparation of pipeline systems and other facilities for planned replacements and repairs
  • (immediate) cleanup and decontamination of pipeline systems and reservoirs in emergency situations or after fire

Technologies IFT furthermore allows a perfect preparation of already decommissioned floating oil platforms for their transportation and liquidation. The oil platform can be before its transportation cleaned and decontaminated from all hazardous materials, e.g. radionuclides of class NORM, residuals of hazardous fluids, oil flakes and mineral sediments in its pipeline systems, reservoirs and storage areas on open sea.

Oil rigs cleaning and NORM decontamination on the open sea

Primary oil rigs cleaning and decontamination at the sea will help to prevent an ecological disaster in case the decommissioned oil rig got damaged during transport to port. The decommissioned floating oil platform can be divided into the separate areas which are simultaneously cleaned on open sea before its transportation. The cleaned areas can be dismantled and transported to the ports for scrap.

Option A - Cleaning and decontamination unit is placed at the oil rig
Cleaning and decontamination work can be conducted together from several places and independently on each other.

Option B - Cleaning of oil platform from a support vessel
Using a support vessel is the most efficient and safe way of cleaning. It is performed from the support vessel and allows the cleaning of more oil rigs simultaneously during a certain time.

Oil rigs cleaning and NORM decontamination onshore – in dry docks

After the primary cleaning and decontamination conducted at sea is the oil rig towed for final dismantling and liquidation. During this final stage the technologies IFT ARWS and NORM fully prove its irreplaceable advantages, high technology and economical and environmental benefits as an alternative option of oil rig decommissioning.

Benefits of application of the IFT technology

  • Removal of contamination from oil platforms prior to decommissioning
  • Achieving substantial savings compared to other technologies
  • Cleaning and Restoration of equipment used for extraction
  • Solving Environmental issues related to activity of oil companies
  • Leaving a low level of residual waste compared to the initial levels

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