The only technology in the world which allows 100% separation of the liquid, non-radioactive ARWS waste from the solid and radioactive NORM waste.

The IFT technology is based on unique active solutions that are applied using special equipment designed to remove ARWS and NORM decontamination from surfaces.
IFT NORM-ARWS is currently the only proven and 100% functional technology of this kind in the world. It safely removes ARWS and NORM sediments from the cleaned surface without mixing or emulsifying with the cleaning solutions. In practice this delivers a technological revolution in terms of the removal of surface radioactivity, totally separating the liquid non-radioactive ARWS waste from the solid, insoluble radioactive NORM waste.

The technology consists of three phases:

ARWS Phase

Is the first stage of the technological process and ensures perfect removal of paraffin, asphalt and tar deposits from the surface.

NORM Phase

Is the second stage of the technological process and ensures a gradual 100% removal of NORM waste from the AWRS-cleaned surface.

Neutralization and passivation Phase

Is the third and final stage of the technological process, neutralizing the active cleaning solution and providing short-term anti-corrosion treatment of the cleaned and decontaminated surface.

The main advantages of IFT technology are:

  1. The non-radioactive liquid ARWS can be safely added to the crude oil product,
  2. The NORM waste is always in solid and insoluble form and ready for immediate disposal by standard methods (e.g underground reinjection or land storage),
  3. Its ecologically closed working cycle of chemical and hydrodynamical treatment, which minimizes water and working solutions consumption,
  4. A guaranteed 100% radioactive decontamination of the cleaned surfaces - to natural background levels,
  5. It does not damage the cleaned and decontaminated surface of the equipment or materials, allowing re-use,
  6. It delivers a huge reduction (up to 50-fold) in the volume of NORM waste,
  7. A wide range of applications with the possibility of mobile use in special facilities,
  8. Low energy costs – the working processes take place at temperatures of max. 25°C (77°F),

This technology has a wide range of applications such as:

  • cleaning and decontamination of industrial equipment intended for the extraction, transport, processing, storage of crude oil, natural gas and uranium,
  • routine maintenance of mining pipeline oil rigs, oil platforms and land-based drilling,
  • decontamination and cleanup of discarded oil rigs and oil platforms,
  • cleaning and decontamination of military equipment, nuclear submarines and nuclear-powered ships and their decommissioned parts,
  • cleaning and decontamination of rail tankers and wagons,
  • routine maintenance of oil transit pipelines and equipment including collectors and transit furnaces,
  • cleaning and refurbishment of oil refineries, power plants and heat exchangers

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